How to Keeping Your Car Functional With a Logbook Service


Every new car comes with a logbook that has been issued by its manufacturer. This logbook details a list of services that should be performed at specific intervals. Logbook servicing is vital if you wish to maintain the functionality, safety and the economics of your vehicle. If you are behind on your schedule give our team at Combined Automotive Services a call today to book a logbook service.


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Located in Milton, Brisbane, we service all makes and models of vehicles through high quality workmanship.  As a member of the Repco Auto Tech Program, all of our mechanics' knowledge of modern vehicle repair is fully up-to-date.

The manufacturer has the best understanding when it comes to deciding which services need to be performed and when. This is why it's important to follow the mandates of your vehicle's logbook.

Neglecting to stay up to date with your car's servicing schedule may affect you negatively in the long term. For example, failing to have a service performed may result in expensive repair costs and may impact your statutory warranty. Such instances can be easily avoided by following your logbook's schedule - so if your car is due for a logbook service give our friendly and competent team a call today.

But what if you have owned your car for a longer period than that which is outlined in the vehicle's logbook? It's still important to have regular services performed. At Combined Automotive Services we offer both minor and major services with safety checks depending upon your situation.


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