CV Joints and Boots Services


The wheels in the vehicle work on a CV joint and boot system. This joint makes it possible for a smooth and controlled amount of friction to be maintained between the transmission and the wheel. Without this system in place you could have issues with getting where you have to be. Keep your car or truck in top condition when you make an appointment with the friendly team of mechanics at Combined Automotive Services.

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Why Choose Us

  • Peace of Mind: As a Repco Authorised Service Centre we back the work we perform with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee.
  • Great Mechanics: The team at Combined Automotive Services are kept up to date on all the latest parts and services with ongoing training seminars and service bulletins.
  • Great Value: Our connection to local vendors around Milton paired with our access to the Repco spare parts network helps us to give you the best service at the best price in Brisbane.

CV Joint and Boot Services from Combined Automotive Services include:

  • CV Joint Repair
  • CV Boot Repair
  • CV Joint Replacement
  • CV Boot Replacement
  • Tripod Joint Replacement
  • CV Axle Half Shaft Replacement
  • Rzeppa Ball Joint Replacement
  • High Pressure Grease Application
  • Thompson Constant Velocity Joint Replacement

Common Symptoms of CV Joint and Boot Issues

Often when there is an issue with the CV joint and boot in the vehicle it stems from a broken boot. When there is a crack dirt and debris can get in and high efficiency grease can leak out. Our team has the tools and the training to get your vehicle fixed and get you back on the road.

Common issues you may face with CV joint and boots are:

  • Clicking Sound When Turning
  • Grease Spots on the Boot
  • Growling Sound When the Vehicle is in Motion
  • Humming or Vibrating When Accelerating

Many of these issues stem from a broken boot which covers the CV joint or from a broken joint. Our mechanics are experts in their field and will have you back on the road in no time.

When you are facing CV joint and boot issues in Milton, make an appointment with our mechanics at Combined Automotive Services.

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